I first started out illustrating simple tribal vectors to understand how to draw basic shapes and then move onto doing more complex pieces in which required more attention to detail along with creating different tones of black and white within my work. Beginning the Graphics and communication course had a long way to go in regards of how I wanted to new projects  and the same for the second year. The third year however I found myself constantly working on photoshop and light room learning more about photo compositing and other various techniques. Deciding that static imagery was not how I foresaw my final project(s) I wanted to learn more about after effects and animating parts of my work. 


Currently as a designer I am finalising my third year and will be continuing to work very closely with photoshop and after effects in the future. How I will do so is yet to be discovered but I invite you to follow my journey. If you want to be keeping up to date with what i'm working on you can find me on most social media platforms and have a website under SRC Design (links are provided on social media).

Click here              to see my website. 



Seb Coker